Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bye bye Orlando!

Goodbye Mickey!

This week, we stayed in Orlando, Florida, home of warm weather, lots of readers and Disney World! We had a busy 7 days.

We visited four elementary schools to write and read stories with elementary school students. Check out to see all the great stories the kids wrote!

All the book drives at the schools collected more than 700 books for the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital in Orlando! Wow!

When we visited Arnold Palmer, the kids were thrilled to receive all the books and the Skoodlez toys! Cupcake and I walked around the hospital and visited everyone. Everyone was super friendly and nice. Sometimes it can be a little scary when a six ft tall lion roams your halls but, I promise, I'm the nicest lion you'll ever meet!

Yesterday, on Saturday, we held another Skoodlez party with Choo Choo Soul at Macy's! We had the biggest crowd ever! I even had the chance to dance to the Hokey Pokey before Choo Choo Soul came out. I think I did a great job!

What a fun week! We're headed to New Orleans now. Cupcake is sleeping on the bus. She's wiped from our week of excitement. Writing all those great stories all week can wear you out!

Stay tuned for pictures from the week. I'll be posting them soon!

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cindilu said...

Thanks for coming to visit Columbia Elementary in Orlando, FL. We really enjoyed your visit and all the high fives. Come back anytime.