Friday, October 31, 2008

"Yee haw" for Dallas, Tx!

Dallas, Texas is a great city! It's full of cowboys, delicious salsa and great writers!

Yesterday, we visited the Dallas Children's Medical Center. The kids were so nice and so happy to see us. We pulled our cart of Skoodlez toys around and passed out one toy to every child. Everyone was so grateful. What a fun day!

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john said...

Hi my name is timmy i am 7yrs old. Kingston and cupcakes came and seen me at childrens med center of dallas. While i was on dialysis. I got a kingston doll. It was so cool. They were so nice and frindley. I take kingston every were i go. And i tell him how im feeling. Im so glad i got to meet them. Thanks so much. timmy p.s. watch for me in the christmas parade