Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cary Reynolds Elementary School

I love Atlanta! Southern people are so nice! Today, we visited Cary Reynolds Elementary School and wrote some great stories with the students. I picked out my favorite one to show you! It's about how Cupcake and I first met!

One day when Kingston was walking to animal school, he met a hippo named
Cupcake. She was a pretty, pink hippo. I think Kingston liked her. It was like
he had hearts in his eyes. They walked to school together. When school was over, they decided that they would be best friends forever!

Isn't that awesome? Kids have great imaginations! If you want to explore your imagination too, join me and Cupcake at Lenox Square Mall this weekend to write more fun stories and dance to Choo Choo Soul. The fun begins this Saturday, October 11th from 12-2.

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