Monday, October 6, 2008

Traveling Down South

Guess where Cupcake and I are? The state is in the south and is known for its peaches. It starts with a "G". Are you done guessing?

We're in Atlanta, Georgia! We're visiting schools all week long to collect books for the Children's Healthcare at Egleston. While I'm here I can't wait to eat a peach. Cupcake really wants to drink some sweet tea.

This weekend we're going to Macy's at Lenox Square Mall. I cannot wait! My favorite band, Choo Choo Soul is going to play. I love their music! Cupcake loves to dance, so she'll probably be in the front row. If you're in the Atlanta area this weekend, October 11th, come out to Macy's at Lenox Square Mall to meet me, Cupcake and Choo Choo Soul at 12 p.m.! It's going to be so fun!

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