Monday, October 6, 2008


Welcome to the Skoodiculous Skoodlez Mobile blog! This is Kingston, Skoodlez’ friendly and loveable Lion! Here, we’ll be sharing our adventures and stories as we travel across the United States in our brightly-colored Skoodlez Mobile!

What are we doing? Cupcake, the fashionably-hip Hippo, a few of our human friends and I will be traveling across America, visiting children at their schools to teach them that creative writing is fun and exciting!

At each school, we’ll be collecting books for children’s hospitals. If you bring us a book, we’ll give you a special Samoleez coin, which you can use to visit At you can write stories and hang out with all the Skoodlez characters, all day, every day! While I’m not napping (my favorite hobby) I’m always on because it’s so fun!

After hanging out at schools during the week, we’ll be throwing Skoodlez-themed parties at Macy’s. Visit our Web site to find out if we’ll be at a Macy’s near you.

After we’ve collected lots of books from all the school children, we’ll be visiting children’s hospitals to hand out the books you gave us. The books are really going to make the kids smile! If Cupcake can slip in some pink nail polish, she’ll probably try to give the girls in the hospital makeovers because when she’s not writing stories, she’s applying nail polish. She’s such a princess! I told her that the hospitals have strict security, so the nail polish plan probably won’t work but, Cupcake will probably still try.

Our big tour starts on Sunday, September 14 at 3:30 p.m. at the Macy’s at Roosevelt Field Mall in New York City. Come out to see us! I’ll teach you how to roar like a lion!

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meg said...

i love your blog but next time can you blog about you and toosday because my little sister has him.